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A-2333 Leopoldsdorf bei Wien, Siedlergasse 21
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Come You to Vienna-rooms, and make a rast, You are my Guest.
 You stay here, you sleep as a Bear.
 A good breakfast on morning drives away, all troubling worries.



To walk

In approx. 2 minutes to walk, the inn Leopoldsdorferhof.
In approx. 3 minutes, and cycle tracks go, walk.
Approx. 5 minutes to walk, the bus station, the rate of the Viennese lines also is "for Vienna bull stove (Rustenfeld) as of here" into.

From Gaestehaus-Wien Vienna-Rooms with the bus and Metro to Vienna City   

With the bus a spezial Ticket from Viennese lines -  day unlimited travel KLIMA-ticket Vienna p.P. Euro 4,80. (On weekdays. and holiday in the hour interval sunbathe in the 1/2 hour interval, evening -- see or
With the Bus "226" or "227"
to the subway metro "U1" (All Station  "red"  and in the map "red" line) you drive from the end terminal  "OBERLAA" - , station.  ~12 minutes to the Center "Vienna City"

With the car

In approx. 2 minutes freeway "S 1" junction "Rothneusiedel" In approx. 4 minutes, BP gas station with tobacco tobacconist's and shop, In approx. 5 minutes in Vienna P+R (Metro U1)  In approx. 5 minutes, pharmacy, doctor, Sparkassa, bank, mail, police, local authority, In approx. 5 minutes, 2 self-service markets (Billa, Mercury), bunch of leaves bar (phylloxera), church, In approx. 5 minutes, great children's playground, tennis court, golf course, In approx. 6 minutes in Vienna the thermal bath Oberlaa, shopping center, "//hz//" In approx. 10 minutes in Vienna go Cart train, sc shopping city center, subway, Large green market, In approx. 15 minutes airport airport Vienna-Schwechat

Last worked:  05.09.2022