Comfort G u e s t r o o m s
A-2333 Leopoldsdorf bei Wien, Siedlergasse 21
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Come You to Vienna-rooms, and make a rast, You are my Guest.
 You stay here, you sleep as a Bear.
 A good breakfast on morning drives away, all troubling worries.



To walk

In approx. 2 minutes to walk, the inn Leopoldsdorferhof.
In approx. 3 minutes, and cycle tracks go, walk.
Approx. 5 minutes to walk, the bus station, the rate of the Viennese lines also is "for Vienna bull stove (Rustenfeld) as of here" into.

With the bus

With the bus (rate this . Viennese lines -- e.g. day unlimited travel ticket Vienna p.P. euro 3.60) (On weekdays. and holiday in the hour interval sunbathe in the 1/2 hour interval, evening -- see or

.in approx. 5 minutes up to the streetcar (67). this drives among others health cure center Oberlaa and subway "U 1"

.in approx. 10 minutes up to the subway "U 1" and this in approx. 6 minutes into it . center "tap-dance Hanseatic League Square city center" "

With the car

In approx. 2 minutes freeway "S 1" junction "Rothneusiedel" In approx. 4 minutes, BP gas station with tobacco tobacconist's and shop, In approx. 4 minutes in Vienna the bus line (17 ares) In approx. 5 minutes in Vienna the streetcar (67), In approx. 5 minutes, pharmacy, doctor, Sparkassa, bank, mail, police, local authority, In approx. 5 minutes, 2 self-service markets (Billa, Mercury), bunch of leaves bar (phylloxera), church, In approx. 5 minutes, great children's playground, tennis court, golf course, In approx. 6 minutes in Vienna the thermal bath Oberlaa, shopping center, "//hz//" In approx. 10 minutes in Vienna go Cart train, sc shopping city center, subway, Gross green market, In approx. 15 minutes airport airport Vienna-Schwechat

Last worked:  16.02.2017